Watch our Tasoni Talk with Emeric Tchatchoua of 3.Paradis. As the creative director of 3.Paradis, Emeric Tchatchoua was influenced by his youth in Paris, Japanese culture, pop art, as well as his African roots. While maintaining the view that fashion should be a voice addressing major issues of our time and has potential to influence politics and culture to better our world is inherent in the work, 3.Paradis infuses modern silhouettes with the improbable meeting two paradoxical realities – designing clothes that are inherent collages and accumulations of unique perspectives. The result are clothes that are designed for reality (and to be worn). “My work is for the guy that wants to wear a suit to be stylish, even if he’s just going out to get groceries.” This distinctive point of view has garnered the label a nomination for the LVMH prize.