At Tasoni, we regularly collaborate with artists and designers that share our love of sculptural art and design. We recently sat down with Damian Fopp, Designer and Curator at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, and window designer of our Zürich store, to discuss his creative process and inspiration.

T: What is the concept behind our latest windows at Tasoni, Zürich?

DF: There are many artists who have been working with light. The American minimalist artist Dan Flavin has stood out as a particularly interesting contribution to this category of art and was a recurring name that both Tasoni and I seemed to return to time and time again. Flavin was commissioned to design a window front for Calvin Klein in 1996. In comparison with his magnificent gallery works his shop windows did leave me asking for more. I can’t really point to what was missing, but this is where the idea was born to have a go at it myself.

T: What are your themes of inspiration?

DF: The darker and greyer months in Zurich require a little bit of extra light and color. And the effect of both light and color on the human well-being should not be underestimated. I have curated colorful exhibitions and the feedback from visitors were so manifold and caring that both overwhelmed and surprised me at the time. Color seems to speak very directly to the soul. The colorful windows for Tasoni try to do just this by illuminating a grey Zürich and shine a bit of color onto its streets.

T: Why do you enjoy collaborating with Tasoni?

DF: The collaboration with Tasoni has been ongoing since 2015. Every window campaign starts out completely anew and this results in an already fairly broad back catalogue. I consider a shop window to be little stage. You start with a neutral background onto which a stage is drawn. On this stage objects and products will later perform a sort of play or represent a constellation to catch the interest of a passing eye. This is not unsimilar to my work as an exhibition maker. An exhibition is similarly a constellation of ideas and works that stimulate through visual means or the atmosphere of the space they create together.

Visit the Tasoni Zürich store on St. Peterstrasse 1, 8001 to explore Damian Fopp’s latest windows, including raffia bags from JW Anderson, kaleidoscopic prints by Emilio Pucci, and casual co-ords by Courrèges. MORE STORIES