We are excited to announce the exclusive gold ALPHAJOAILLERIE collection by renowned jewelry designer, Charlotte Chesnais, is now available to shop in our Zürich store. This remarkable jewelry collection exemplifies the essence of artistic elegance and is a testament to the union of creativity and craftsmanship in jewelry.

We had the privilege to sit down with Charlotte Chesnais herself to delve into her creative journey and her long-standing relationship with Tasoni:

Tasoni: Describe your relationship with Tasoni

Charlotte: They contacted me on Instagram when the brand was only 3 months old and I hadn't even made any deliveries. They came to my place as I didn't have a boutique. The sisters arrived with their mother, looking stunning. It was the beginning of the brand, and I didn't even have proper packaging. This first chance encounter, born out of happenstance, has been with us since the beginning with a deep sense of intimacy. It makes a lot of sense today to celebrate this collection with them.

Tasoni: Your jewelry is known for its fluid and sculptural qualities. While in Switzerland, will you be exploring our natural landscapes for inspiration?

Charlotte: I don't have a single exclusive source of inspiration; everything inspires me. Whether it's the city or nature, museums or vintage stores, I am deeply influenced by my surroundings.

Tasoni: Each of your creations tells a story. Could you share the narrative behind the Alphabet collection?

Charlotte: At the origin of it all, there are the intertwined double "C"s, two letters envisioned by me for my "Initial" ring. Not quite a letter, not yet a logo, I showed it to M/M (Paris), who were immediately inspired. This marked the beginning of the first creative collaboration between myself and the artistic director duo of Mathias Augustyniak and Michaël Amzalag. M/M designed the brand's logo in the form of a Möbius strip, with a shape at its heart that later became the "Nipple Box," the brand's iconic packaging. Mathias and Michaël often design alphabets like portraits, typographic characters that reveal the personalities of their clients. The result is ALPHAJEWELS, a collection of 26 letter-shaped pieces of jewelry, offering the opportunity to own one's initials or those of loved ones.

Tasoni: Jewelry often carries personal significance for its wearers. Can you share any anecdotes or stories of customers who have found deep meaning in your designs?

Charlotte: There are many stories, but one that is dear to me is that of the artist Marie Cornil. We displayed one of her artworks in our boutique on the right bank, 10 Rue d'Alger, which echoed our Elipse ring. A few months later, her fiancé proposed to her... with this ring. The circle was complete.

Tasoni: Your designs often balance the avant-garde with timeless elegance. Could you share your creative process and how you strike this delicate balance in your Alphabet pieces?

Charlotte: Alphajewel is the culmination of what I've been doing since the beginning translated into letters, and it just so happens that this is what M/M does perfectly - typography. The DNA of all my pieces transposed into an alphabet.

Visit us in store to discover the exclusive Charlotte Chesnais ALPHAJEWELS collection.