Sheltersuit: Fashion With a Cause

When Bas Timmer founded new-to-Tasoni brand Sheltersuit over 8 years ago, he approached the brand with a mission to give back to communities in a meaningful way. The passing of the designer’s father due to hypothermia gave Timmer a desire to shift his focus from designer outerwear to jackets made from recycled textiles that double as a sleeping bag. These hybrid garments are now given to individuals in need through Timmer’s nonprofit, the Sheltersuit Foundation. 

Now, Sheltersuit is building on the momentum of their charitable mission by taking to the runway. For Fall 2021, the brand created garments and accessories that were featured in collections by Gabriela Hearst and Chloé. For Spring 2022, Sheltersuit found its way onto the calendar for Paris Fashion Week. With help from Chloé and LVMH, Sheltersuit’s first runway show was born. 

The brand has arrived at Tasoni with a wide array of outerwear and accessories crafted from colorful repurposed materials. Each purchase of a Sheltersuit piece benefits the Sheltersuit Foundation, which continues to donate outerwear to individuals in need. We are excited to share with you our interview with Bass, discover the collection and discover the visionary behind the brand. 

Tasoni: What is your first memory of working in the fashion industry?

Bas Timmer: My first memories were really just the joy of making something that was not there yet. When you get inspired by things you see, at first it’s just like a picture in your head. But when you start making it yourself, step by step it becomes visible in the real world and when you make it with your own hands it becomes something magical.

Tasoni: What keeps you motivated?

Bas Timmer: Distributing Sheltersuits to the homeless keeps me motivated.

Tasoni: What has been a difficult moment in your career and what did you learn from it?

Bas Timmer: The hardest part in my career was when I was building my own brand under my own name ‘Bas Timmer’. when I we heard the tragic news that the father of my friends passed away on the streets due to hypothermia I really felt I had to do something. This was the start of Sheltersuit a free product for people experiencing homelessness. Now, eight years and 20.000 Sheltersuits later, the Sheltersuit Foundation became a global movement.

Tasoni: What is the best piece of advice you ever received and who did it come from?

Bas Timmer: The best advice always comes from my mother Hetty. She learned me to trust my instinct and ideas. Regardless of what people might think. If you have sincere good intentions, just follow your heart

Tasoni: If you hadn’t become a fashion designer, what would you have done instead?

Bas Timmer: During the week I worked on my fashion brand but in the weekend I worked in a kitchen as a cook. from when I was 15 till my 26th. If Sheltersuit didn’t come on my path, I believed I would be a chef.

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